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I am Rachael Wright and I am a potter in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A big source of joy in my life is art! I really enjoy having an idea in my head and then forming the clay in my hands to make the idea come to life. I throw pottery on the wheel and do some hand building. I have been creating pottery for about 5 years now. This blog is about the projects I take on and my growth along the way!

If you like my work you can go to my Facebook page and check out my current work for sale. All the pieces on the Rawpottery facebook page are for sale.  You can also ask about projects on my blog and I can make more of those if you do not see them on the facebook page.

For more information about my work or pricing email me at

  1. Laura White permalink

    ugh, can you PLEASE help me with the whole “creativity/having free time” stuff?!?!? Love your new stuff! I need to find a creative outlet to stick to…it’s nice if you can do something you love AND make a little $ on the side!
    Love you!!

  2. Laura White permalink

    oh…p.s. that’s why i’m waiting for you and robin to make it big time…so i can work for y’all 😀

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