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The Latest and Greatest Salt Firing

November 4, 2012

This weekend is the Craft Guild of Dallas Fall show! I contributed a lot of work for the last salt firing to get ready for the show. It is called salt firing because we literally throw salt in the kiln at the end of the firing when it has reached temperature. The salt adds a flair to each piece, but also reeks havoc on the kiln shelves and walls eating away at the bricks. Before the kiln can be loaded the shelves need to have the old salt scraped off of them and painted with kiln wash. Then wadding (basically a powdery clay) is mixed up and made into little balls to glue to the bottom of each piece to prevent them from fusing to the shelf, but can be knocked of the piece at the end of the firing. For this firing I did all the prep work and loading which took a few hours. I did get some help putting up the higher shelves since they are quite heavy and I did not want to send them crashing down on everyone’s work! James fired the kiln and put lots of salt so I got some great stuff! 


This is a picture through a whole in the door where we can peek to check the temperature of the kiln. The triangular cones melt and bend at certain temperatures so we can check different areas of the kiln. 



Here is a picture of the kiln after I was finally done loading! Now I just had to be patient for the kiln to be fired and cool off to see what the pieces will look like. Below are some pictures of the finished pieces!



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