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Ruffled Bowls

June 6, 2012

Some of my new favorite pieces to make are altered bowls. In the Craft Guild workshop post I mentioned using squared dowel rods to alter pieces and in this post I am going to show you how I created the ruffles on my bowls. I think I enjoy altering pieces with the dowel rods so much because I love ruffles! My twin sister has teased me on occasion for picking out new clothes at the store that all have ruffles.

This altering technique is easy to do and begins with a simple bowl shape. Altering should be done at the very end of throwing so that the design is not lost by adjusting the shape. The MKM grid tool in the picture below allows quick and easy placement of lines. I love that this tool takes away the painstaking effort of measuring so that I can quickly and evenly place the ruffles around the bowl.

After I have placed little marks around the rim of the bowl I start creating the ruffles. The ridge is created by lining up the dowel rod on the outside of the piece and on the inside placing your fingers on either side. The curve created will depend how much pressure is placed outward as you press with your fingers. I make sure to put pressure along the rim of the piece in order to get the ruffled look around the top. Then continue the ruffles all the way around the bowl.

Depending on how many ruffles and how low they are placed look of the bowl will change.

Here are a couple of pictures of finished pieces. The first one was fired in the salt kiln and the second fired in the regular gas kiln. An interesting fact to point out is that the green glaze on outside is the same as the green on the inside of the second. This is due to the fact that they are different types of clay and were fired in different kilns. Thanks for reading! Next week I will show how to use a cheese cutter to alter bowls or cups!


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