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The Craft Guild of Dallas Spring Show and Sale

May 30, 2012

May 4, 5, and 6th was the Craft Guild’s first spring show and sale. Even though I have not been blogging very much over the last few months I have been creating a lot of work. In my new work I altered pieces to make ruffles and geometric shapes inspired by Jeffery Oestreich’s workshop in January. In order to show off my new stuff I used some power tools and created much sturdier shelves than the show in November.

The week of the show the Craft Guild buzzed with nervousness and excitement since we were not quite sure how the first spring sale would go. Unfortunately our show was the same weekend as the well established Cottonwood show, but our staff worked hard to advertize and even got a great banner over busy Beltline to advertize. I got a great spot at the front of the Gallery to set up my table! This year I brought extension cords so I could turn on my tea cup lamps. The new shelves lit up by the lamps looked great. My dad brought his nice camera and got some great pictures of my table.

Friday evening was the opening for the show with great snacks, drinks, and an auction. I had a lot of support from the many friends and family that stopped by.  Overall the weekend went very well and we had a pretty good crowd come through. At the end of the show the Craft Guild staff liked my new work so much that they asked me to leave some things behind for the permanent shop! I was very excited and honored that they thought my work looked professional enough for the permanent shop in the gallery.

Below are some picture of my new pieces!

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