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Farmers Market Sales

December 11, 2011

The last couple of weekends I have being selling my pottery at a farmer’s market in Richardson. Although I have been looking forward to winter as a welcome break from the heat, it has thrown a few curve balls at the Saturday sales. The first sale started out well with a nice crowd and decent weather, but as the day went on the weather got worse.

All bundled up and the tables set up, I was ready for the cold weather.

My pottery partner Jay also came out to the farmer’s market to sell some of his work, but as you can see from the flying banner in the photo the wind really started to pick up. Lucky for us pottery is not affected too much by strong winds, but other venders were really having trouble with their tents and tall shelves. As the morning went on customers did not want to brave the cold and the winds began increasing to high gusts of 40 miles per hour. Pottery cannot hold up to those winds so we decided to go ahead and pack up around lunch time. When we were nearly finished packing up the winds really got worse and the temperature began to drop.

The weather for this last weekend was wonderful. It was a great Texas winter day with not a cloud in the sky and very little wind. I made sure to be all bundled up to stay warm for the long day outside. Despite the cold the sun was refreshing and it was a great day to be outside.

My booth was in a great spot this week right by the front so that people walking to and from the local stores all walked by. Near by the market was the tea room Chocolate Angel. They had a lot of customers this weekend which helped the increase the traffic flow. On the other side of the parking lot the car business was having a large Christmas party which also contributed to people coming by our sale. My sales were better this weekend, but even with all the people around at the surrounding businesses I just sold a few things. The sale was fun and I enjoyed talking to people about my pottery so I will continue my search to find a great place to sell my work. I had a nice time chatting to Stephen who had the booth next to mine selling salsa. He talked about getting some of his salsa in pharmacies and other farmer’s markets where he had sold a lot of product. It is difficult to find the right venue for my work and I began to get frustrated, but after some good brainstorming I am ready to start again!



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