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Wonderfully Round Mugs

November 17, 2011


Sundays are fun days at the Craft Guild since people from different classes during the week come for lab. As expected a room full of a bunch of artists is always interesting with many different projects and shenanigans going on. I am looking forward to going this Sunday since I have been out of town frequently last few weeks and occupied with the Craft Guild sale. This post is the process of making some curvy mugs I made several Sundays ago.

I decided to make this mug nice and round to show off the elegant folds left by the inward pressed rib tool. The key to creating this piece is the red rounded rubber tool and the wooden rib. As usual this mug is begun by centering the clay and then opening it up.

While pulling up the clay leave the walls about a quarter of an inch thick so you will be able to press in later with the rib without making the walls crack. As I pull up the clay into a cylinder I leave the clay at the top thicker since I have found that the key to making mugs look finished is leaving enough clay at the rim.

Shaping the cylinder into a round shape begins at the bottom by pushing in with the wooden rib and out with your fingers all the way up the piece to create a nice subtle curve. In order to keep making the curve bigger I use the red rib pressing from the inside of the cylinder to the outside. The nice rounded shape of the rib makes it easy to create a rounded mug.

After the cup was nice and round I began working on the rim. I used the round edge of the rib to delineate the curve of the rim from the rest of the mug. In order to create even more of a change between the rounded portion and rim of the mug I created an indentation with the pointed end of the wooden rib.

After the rim was finished I began to alter the mug by pressing in from the outside with the wooden rib and out from the inside with my fingers. As I press in with the rib I make the line more exaggerated by pressing from the inside on opposite sides of the rib. The rib indentations look great with the rounded form because it makes them pop out more.

As usual I made several mugs with each mug getting just a little bit better. Thanks to the wooden rib the mug does not need to be trimmed so the final step is to put on a handle. Since I have done so many handles lately they have also gotten better as well. These cups are bisque fired and glazed so with crossed fingers I hope that by next weekend they will be salt fired. I have a couple of sales coming up over the Holidays I am hoping they will be ready for. This weekend, Novermber 19, I am joining several other Craft Guild artists for Art in the Yard at our friend Eliza’s house in Dallas. Check out the super cute invitation below. The weekend after Thanksgiving I will be participating in the Farmers Market in Richardson at the Campbell Road Village (635 West Campbell Rd., Richardson 75080). Hopefully we will have lots of Christmas shoppers!



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