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A Fall Day Farmers’ Market

November 13, 2011

This Saturday I sold pottery at my first farmers’ market! It was a beautifully bright and cool fall day with lots of red leaves joining the display of our table. Jay who is a friend from the Craft Guild joined me in selling at our booth.  Over all the day was quiet slow, but it was great fun to talk about my pottery to those who stopped by and have my pieces out on display. I was surprised to find that many of the people who came to look at our pottery had taken classes in the past. We encouraged them to start creating pottery again and gave them fliers of the Craft Guild classes.

The farmers’ market was in Richardson off of Custer tucked away in a little shopping center across from a beautiful neighborhood. The other vendors sold a variety of things such as dog treats, meat, fruit, honey, jewelry, baskets, and glass. The strong wind always kept things interesting and those with canopies had to hold them down. Luckily since our pottery is heavy we only had to struggle with the table covers.

We got up much early than usual this Saturday and my husband was a great sport to help me load and unload the car with the many boxes and tables. He was also our very essential Starbucks and food runner.

This is my favorite table with my birds, tea lamp, and painted mugs (all seen in previous posts). Although this weekend was slow Jay and I are optimistic about the Christmas sales coming up on November 27 and December 10. This weekend people were mostly looking for looking for small things like produce, but after Christmas people will be on the hunt for unique Christmas gifts and will be there to help!


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