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Full Moon Party

October 17, 2011


The clay department at the craft guild is a social group of individuals who enjoy getting together to create art and when ever possible have a drink. The Full Moon Parties are our new favorite way to combine the two. Several months ago James got the idea to have a party for craft guild members and people just coming to check the place out. Each full moon from 10 to 12 people enjoy creating the evening project and whatever drinks the table brought. Past Full Moon parties have made whistles, skulls, and rattles.

This week Sam showed everyone how he makes his awesome shot glasses.  He showed us how you start out with a small ball of clay and create a whole in the center with your thumb. Then to create the walls slowly pinch them out with your thumb and pointer finger. Sam the showed us how he uses a paddle to flatten the walls then use your fingers to press the bottom to create the foot.

After we finished with the shot glasses James showed us how to create a base for a martini glass. It is created similarly to the shot glass except the the base is left thick and a whole is pressed in the top for the glass. I decided to make mine into a bird but I am not sure how easy it will be to drink out of… but my shot glass should be great.

My husband Tommy decided that he enjoyed making the skulls from last month and decided to make another one instead of the shot glasses. He does a very good job making skulls.


This is my teacher James who came up with the creative idea for the Full Moon parties.

The last two are pictures of some of the gang and their work. Even though we all may be tired for work the next day  we would not miss it since we enjoy meeting new people and creating art.


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