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Tool Time!

September 29, 2011

Since I passed the National Counselor Exam I finally had enough time to create the stands I envisioned for the first two birds I made months ago.  All of the wood for the pieces, I either found or got for free. The lumber yard seemed happy to be rid of a few of their old boards and just gave them to me. I found a small stump and wines behind the church across from my apartment after they had cut down some dead trees. Yes I would call this dumpster diving but sometimes art calls for such behavior. Now that I had several cool pieces to put together I needed tools and space to do so, I have neither since I live in an apartment. But lucky for me I have a father in law with lots of tools and a big garage.

So last Saturday I borrowed the garage for several hours and my father in law Tom showed me how to use the tools and not loose my digits. First I cleaned off the very dirty boards then practiced using the saw. After I got the hang of it I cut the pieces for a stand and a box. Easier said then done.

Here is Tom helping with the tiny pins for the feet.

After I finally had the box built Tom showed me how to use the drill in order to create holes for the vines to fit through.

The most difficult part of the venture was figuring out how to attached the birds small feet to the wood. I ended up using Epoxy glue and small tacks. The glue helped to keep the branches in place and the little birds, while the tacks kept the feet secure. The Glue takes a little while to dry so I had to hold it in place, but 0nce dry it is very strong

It is exciting to finally put together what had been in my minds eye for months. I am also proud that I know know how to use the drill, saw, and epoxy glue and thanks to Tom’s good teaching I still have all my digits!


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