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Excitement Over a Newly Opened Kiln

September 21, 2011

After the kiln is fired for about two days and then cools for a day the door can finally be pulled open. Since you can never be completely sure how the glazes will come out the first peek is always exciting. Everyone present peeks around and searches through the shelf looking to see how their pieces turned out. The fun of working with other people is that you get to see the beautiful things others created and the interesting ways they combined glazes. I have been so busy so in the last two firings I had a lot of things in the kiln. My sister Robin Durrett is a great photographer and took some awesome pictures of my new pieces (The first three are mine though as they are not as great of quality).

These are two lamps I was able to create from the work I talked about in my first post called Tea Cups and a Lamp.

As I looked through the kiln I was very excited to see how beautiful the leaf trays turned out. The green glaze has a glass like finish which shows the beautiful red color of the clay as it contrasts with the white porcelain  slip.


These are some of the birds I created for the blog Birds, Birds, and more Birds Please. For two of the birds I bent wire feet through the wholes but could not get the wire through the third. After a long time thinking of options I attached twigs for the feet.

These Tea cups are from the post The Fun of Decorating. The three cups and one plate were in a separate firing from the other two plates. The plates from the second firing came out more blue rather than white. Since each firing of the kiln reaches temperature a little differently things can turn out differently, but the shape of the plates did not do well anyways so I will scrap them and practice throwing new plates.


Here is a picture of the tray from the post Some Good Friends and Some Art.


These last few pictures are some other things I have been working on that were created similarly to the square trays using the large foam pillow.

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  1. Bonnie permalink

    The trays are BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love the twig feet on the bird!

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