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A Tea Set and a Lamp!

August 25, 2011

What do a tea set and a lamp have to do with each other? Not much until you put holes in the plates, cups, and tea pot and buy a lamp kit to put it all together. This current project was inspired both by the wonderful store Anthropologie and best friend Adrienne. As her birthday is coming up and is likely the world’s biggest fan of tea what better present than a lamp created with a tea set (I think she has a cabinet full of tea pots and cups that people have given her).

In the last few months I have made many, many tea cups is an effort to get the shape just right with those darn little feet. It if feet and lip do not look right the whole piece will not look right. Plus those darn handles. Too big and it looks like you have a giant hear on the side of your dainty tea cup, or too small and your fingers will not fit right. My pottery teacher at the Craft Guild James has the mind set of “why make one when you can make twelve.” This production pottery idea has allowed me to make many bad cups so that I have learned how to make a good one.

I have also made many plates to go with the many tea cups. These are a lot easier except for that foot again. It is difficult to make a piece that is perfectly centered so that when you turn it over you can easily make a foot. Many times I find myself fighting with the piece and both of us loosing as the foot becomes lop sided and is missing little chunks… but as it goes with making a large series the last few of the plates look the best as I get the hang of it.

Earlier this week I made my first tea pots! I have put off this attempt due to the daunting task of creating a form that will not collapse as you add the spout, throwing a spout, adding a handle, and lids. One of those it has a lot of parts forms. It took me several hours since I decided to make four, that series thing again. Proud to say that all four made it through the construction and were given holes so they can go on the lamp.

Now that I am finally done will all the pieces to the lamp they will now have to survive the bisque firing after which they can be glazed a fired again in the high fire kiln.

The finished lamps are finally done! Wiring the lamp was not as difficult as getting the washers, bolts and glue right so that the cups and plates did not spin. At last all put together they look great!


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